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Redbull Romaniacs 8 - Up the hills

Around Rasinari in Cibinului Mountains, I stopped to one of the check-points that was supposed to be the most spectacular among all. Indeed there was: crazy, incredible abrupt hill needed to be climbed by the contestants.
Below, first 4 winners of the first day, at Pro class:

JARVIS Graham - UK

FORSTER Gerhard - Ger

BIRCH Chris - NZ

Paul Bolton - winner of the Prologue, originally 3rd place, but penalized for not reaching one of the check-points and gas-points.

Redbull Romaniacs 7 - Up the hills

Redbull Romaniacs 6 - Profi

Redbull Romaniacs 5 - Profi

And then, the show changed. People didn't know where to look first, the speed was incredible, there were not anymore boiled engines, no more falls. Congratulations!

Paul Bolton - the winner of the Prologue

Greg Evans - third place in Prologue

Mani - RO contestant at PRO class

Redbull Romaniacs 4 - Expert

Redbull Romaniacs 3 - Hobby

Redbull Romaniacs 2 - Hobby

Redbull Romaniacs 1- Hobby

Redbull Romaniacs Prologue from 13th of September, in the city center of Sibiu.
Trial event with great obstacles that included ramps, tree stucks, rubber tyres.
The contestants were divided into sections: Hobby (Single and Team), Expert (Single and Team) and Pro.
Hobby class offered great show since the trial was quite difficult. A lot of spectacular falls and recovery, boiled engines, force, adrenaline, virility.